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Would you like to promote your business on this website ? ... whether you are a plumber, electrician, mechanic, vinyl printer or have another trade you would like people to know about .... with over 300 visitors to this site each day, and with so many of us finding business a little slow at the moment .... this would be an ideal place to advertise and hopefully bring in more work.

I will write an article on Pauls-Place, and a few others and these will be found in a section on the Home Page.

So if you wish to post your services please reply to this thread with a paragraph about your business and photos if you like and i will do the rest.

Gotta be worth a go :whistling:
Sounds like a good idea Dan :thumbup1:
SouthCoastBuilders_LetterHead.jpghi dan well i got southcoast builders and P n H polishing so perhaps you could put southcoast for me
we cover most aspects of building with 30 years experiance and competitive rates , as for polishing i do all auto and marine engine parts and ancillaries at good rates and good quality finish check out adams new engine in his topelino, it was all polished by me, #

cheers dan
Bazza has bits polished by Pete too however they may need doing again!!
Nothing like a good set of shiny bits.:rofl: