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My 2 babys - Bazza & H


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Wow, that is a huge cup. Must be the largest anyone in our club has won.
Not bad for the first one he has ever won then.
Now, I'd weld a lid on that puppy & use it for an extra fuel tank if I wuz you 'H' Go on, you know you want to!!:D:D:D
lol, that's a good idea. :p

Where do you store a cup that size, you would need some large fireplace.
Be alright if we had ever received it. At this rate we will be going back in October to this years show and have to collect it then!!
Yes we are thank you Darren. Still have a few little bits & pieces to do like a new hood & tyres. Windscreen should be done next week and then hopefully thats it. Just in time for the end of the season!!
Hi Renegades,

When you get the chance check out what H has done to his car it is do cool! Also admire the workmanship thats gone into the engine built by Paul @ Pauls Place.

Cheers Supe's I say 118 jolly nice car that Bazza,yes 118 i totally agree 118!
Blimey you have posted a lot. I was 40 ahead a couple of days ago.
Good to see Bazza back,
OMG H has said to me today that when he speaks to the guy about doing welding bits and pieces on Bazza (new door skin & wing) he is going to get him to take off all the orange decals and leave him grey. NOOOOO i don't think so. I told him he can go and sell him if he makes him look boring and whats the point of spending so much money on him to make him look plain. I think my message was well and truly heard and we will be getting new decals!!!!!
You should get Uncle Tony to do some graphics on him, best sprayer I know and has won many trophies, when he was in his prime, for his custom paint spray jobs !!
Been alright had the bloke actually turned up. Looks like we just gotta wait a little longer
Well after all the fun and games on Sunday, the new alternator has arrived today and H is fitting it tonight. Then we have two nights to drive him around to make sure he is ok for Friday. Don't fancy sitting on the side of the road all day!!
That is one cool car!! And I can honestly say I am one of the few lucky people who have driven it!!
and who knows you may again one day!!!! Even i am lucky if i get to drive him these days!!!
Sounds bout right!! Did you replace the broken front grille or just mend it?? And does he still have the air horns, as they were a nightmare to fit!!
He has 2 sets of new teeth as we like to call them. The old ones just started to crumble away and yes the horns are still there just need connecting up.
Sweet, I am really glad he went to a good home, and even happier that I still get to see him!! Just a shame I couldn't afford him at the time.