Astro MOT time again


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Well took my Astro for its MOT today and after a slightly shakey start with th emmisions test :drama: (It all went from red to Green eventully LOL) It flew through the rest of the tests with no major problems :smile: and Only got 2 advisores and they were both front wheel bearings have very slight play Other than that the tester was supprised on how clean/rust free it was underneath for its age so A Big thank you to Autodan's at Bordon :001_cool:
Happy days . another 12 months of driving. (now get those wheel bearings fixed l.o.l)
my dodge ram van (billy) passed mot today yey
Thats what i like to hear - lots of passes so hopefully when the time comes Bazza will pass too. That is if my hubby ever pulls his finger out and gets on and finish what needs doing. I keep telling him Wheels Day is so close but he keeps saying he has other things on his mind. Like me having our first baby any day taking priority over Bazza getting on the road. Eh hello i don't think so. I will be the one doing all the hard work lol!!!
Good to see one of you has the right attitude Trace ;)

Priority 1: Get Bazza on the road
Priority 2: Get baby seat for Bazza and some baby ear defenders ;)
All taken care of D. Babyseat fits Bazza and nice blue defenders on order. Of course i have had to check all this out!!!