Arundel Castle get together Sunday 12th Sept


Club co ordinator
So does anyone i.e. you Superb have any more info regarding the get together this Sunday at Arundel? Where are we meeting? What time are we meeting? Is it gonna rain?
Just had a look on my MetOffice app and it says cloudy with sun during the day, clear skies at night. 23 degrees at Arundel Castle, 21 degrees here.

I think I remember something about leaving from the little chef on the A27, can't remember the time though. Hopefully it'll be about 9:30ish as Maddie doesn't finish work til 9:00.
I like the sound of that time. Its when we have to meet there at 7ish for Worthing Show i have trouble. Is Maddie coming too? Be nice to get to know her. I will call Steve if i don't get any response on here and let you all know the plan of action. Weather looking good though lets hope it stays like that cos i so want to see The Renegades on the duck pond!!!
Hi Renegades
The itinary for the day,is as follows, after reading Darrens message re:Maddie we will aim to leave the services on the A27 by 9.30ish, cruise to Arundel where we will assemble at the Castle main entrance so we can park in the grounds of Arundel Castle. I anticipate us getting to Arundel for around 10am after picking up Pete,Consul Dave,Dell boy and others on the way at Chichester.We have reduced entry into the Castle, optional! by the way we are parking for free in the grounds of the castle, there is a Gold Plus enrty which gives you access to all area's including all the bedrooms.At 12.30ish we need to start making our way to the boating lake where at 1pm we will take to the water,we have exclusive use for half an hour from 1pm so we can use all 18 boats at the same time which equals 44 Renegades out on the lake at the same time.Superrrrrrb! Afterwards Graham who owns the tea rooms has invited us to have a cup of tea and coffee and we can picnic by the lake.After lunch we can make our way to the town centre where you will be greeted with a stunning selection of antique shops and old architecture, also optional ride on the horse and carts outside the Castle, i havent managed to negotiate anything on there fee's so you will have to fend for yourself.Around 4.30 - 5pm we can make our way passed the Castle and boating lake and tea rooms to the Black Rabbit pub where i have reserved half a dozen or more if needed tables by the river for us to finish the day with a nice meal.Prices are very reasonable with prices around ?7 - ?8 per meal. Then kick back and relax with your favourite Renegades or Renebabes and reflect on a Superb! day had by all.

Be there or be very dissapointed on missing a very nice day out! Superb!
Just to let you kinow that Pete won't be coming as neither will Mum & Dad as they are all sunning themselves in Spain. I am still in discussion with H about looking after the dogs and coming or maybe i can get Dan to let them out so if i can't come will let someone know. Weather looks good so would be a nice day out for sure.
caddy is playin up again so i'm 50/50 at mo . but hope to be there
What a fab day. The castle was amazing and the sun was shining. Thank you to all the staff who made us feel so welcome. Finished the day off with a lovely meal at the pub. A tad tired now - must have been all the stairs and hills that did it. Will post photos when i can.
cool glad u had good day
Hi Rengades

As you can see from pics we had Superrrrrrb!! day out in Arundel, the weather woz gorgeous and the location / castle woz breathtaking. I must admit those of you who couldnt make it missed a truly amazing day out. When we parked our cars on the gravel path my jaw just dropped, the back drop woz truely amazing.The day went without a hitch and everyone had a really relaxed and chilled out time.We stormed the boating lake and took no prisoners and got soaking wet thanx to one certain person who drives a day van, you know who you are!! Some of us had a nice walk around the town,and we finished the day off with a nice meal at the Black Rabbit.Where we were sat by the river which made a nice back drop for some Superb! pics and some interesting ones too.I must say all the staff at the castle looked after us exceptionally well and the staff at the Black Rabbit were Superb! everyone made us feel welcome and im sure we will do this again.I am now in negotiation with the castle about holding a one day show there next year maybe around July time.So watch this space.

What can i say a Superb! day out,Superb! company,Superb! weather, all round Superrrrrrrrb!

Tally Ho,Chocs Away. Superb!
Yeah our camera fingers were a twitching weren't they. We also need silencers on the cameras or people are going to think with all our couging we have the lurgy or something!! That chapel would have been some great shots for sure.
Hi Trace

Superb! pics you did really well there, i will have to get Richard to sort his out, you captured the day perfectly its nice looking back at those and having a laugh.I hope everyone else enjoys the pics and see what a Superb! day they missed.Sorry dont mean to rub it in.

Cheers Superb! Lifes for living, so live it to the full!!