Any one going?

car nut

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Hi all.
I have just joined this forum & I am enjoying what I am reading.
In August I am taking the car to Disneyland Paris for a car show. Saw the ad in The Classic Car word and I was wondering if any one hear is going to it? It would be good to put faces to names.
Looks quite good.

Hi Bob

I know many of us would absolutely love to go to this, me especially, however we have our annual show booked for 22nd August so may be a tad difficult doing the two.

Let us know how you go and make sure you send us some photographs.
Hi Bob

We've been thinking of going for a couple of years now but not quite made it. It's a shame that you dont get a discount for taking your car, after all they are using it for their display.
As usual, they take, but dont give back :-(

Im sure you'll have a great time, and that I will make it there one year.

Have a great time
hi folks well if the pontiac had been finished i would have taken that but still got a bit more to do like chrome!!!!!!!
maybe next year eh get a few cars to go.