American Rod & Custom Car Show Worthing - Sun 31st July


Club co ordinator

The American Rod & Custom Car show will be held on Sunday 31st July.

American Cars, Hotrods, Dragsters, Harley Davidson bikes & more all on display gathered on the Steyne. For over 20 years this one day event event has grown in its displays and popularity. It is a key event of the Worthing Festival weekend. There are lots of exhibits and there are always owners on hand to answer questions. There will be some stalls and music scattered around Steyne gardens.

For Directions :
From A27/A24 and A259 follow signs for town centre and seafront. Steyne Gardens is off Marine Parade, east of the Pier. Some street parking is available or use town centre Car parks.

For more details please call 07813 874477
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On the website:- it links to the organisers website this was also the website the organisers emailed me with a while back. However their domain name has expired, therefore there website no longer exists. Are they still the organisers of this event? is it still going ahead?

na they just take over wi there cars lol
lol, yes we are growing every year, we may have to reserve half the field just for us lot.
Yeah i looked on the Worthing council web site and they have it listed there. I think NSRA are organising it, or one of them clubs anyways!!!

I have been geting loads of phone calls from people asking me if they can arrange a trade stand as when they search for the show, our website comes up all the time. I haven't got a number to pass on so if anyone finds one out can i please have it. Thanks :)

As for going to this show this year i am not sure if we will be able to go. Personally i don't like the fact you have to sit there all day until they let you out then you have a long drive home. Plus may be away so we will see what happens.
I've been getting a few emails, asking who are the organisers, as in most places on our website where it mentions the Worthing show it says we are not the organisers and their website is which is not the correct address at the moment. As soon as I know the correct one I'll pop it on our site.
Not long to go for this show. :thumbup:
I don't know who's going to Worthing on sunday, so i will be at the little chef Emsworth (A 27) east bound at 8am to leave at 8.20, if your running late phone me 07718246224. Hope someone comes that know's where it is.:thumbup:
if you come along a27 into worthing you will come to a big roundabout with traffic lights on take 3rd exit and follow signs for town center , you wont miss it as it just of the seafrount but think other members are going ..
Shouldn't you leave a bit earlier Malc otherwise you may have trouble getting in. We have left at 7:30am the last 3 years. We may take a drive down later in the day but park in the multi storey like Paul & Sue do.
Park in the open car park just of chaple road theres 2 cheeper than the multi storey...
also if you lot are nice ?:tongue_smilie:.. i have free cup of tea/coffee vouchers for the guildbourne cafe opens at 10am
see you all there sunday
i know how to get there darren it's just the last few yards nothing worse than coming from the wrong direction and can't turn in:confused:. as for tea and coffee vouchers sounds good but we will have the cooker with it's new wind shields.:thumbup:
ill be going i can lead ya again this year tx me who goin 07798930154 ill be in layby next to texaco garage on a27 stockbridge at 8.15 need to get there early to get a place,

crazy pete
had a great day . thanks malc for takin me and jo and fran for feedin and waterin me thanks guys
No probs Matt, Yea it was a good day sunburn's a bit tender and i think i ate toooooooooo much cake.