Alton Herald Classic Car Show

matt 103

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Alton Classic Car Show is on the 24th of september

i have entry forms for this if any one wants one . i will quite happily send em all off together

there is no entrance fee but they send out a donation envelope for donations which go to a local charity and helps them justify the medals given
out to each vehicle and there are also trophies up for grabs

Is this where you park on the high street???
Nice little show, last year we had to pay for the medals, and in all the years I have been going they have never sent an envelope out, or did they ????, Im sure Chris Coupe will verify this for me, anyway I hope you all have a lovely time, we wont be there but I think Harley and Deefer may be lol xxxxx
Yes we had to pay for medals last year, I think the envelope idea is new for this time around. Didn't realise it was for charity last year so didn't buy one.
no worries bob
hi guys am gettin low on forms . but can print some and fll em in for ya if its quicker . just private message me ya addresses
any one wanting a form done i wanna get these sent off by this wednesday if poss
any one else want a form done i currantly have 18

sure we can better than that
:taz: Are we going to meet up somewhere on the outskirts of Alton and all go in together??? If so where and timings please :)
will find out for u andy . we'll prob discuss it at club nite tuesday
We usually meet at Wickham Square but if you want to meet us en-route you can. Usually leave there around 8:45-9:00am but as Matt said will confirm after club night.
Ok it has been confirmed that we will be leaving Wickham Square at 9:00am prompt as we have to be in place by 10:00am. If you are delayed in any way then please contact someone that you know is going then we can tell you where we are that you can catch us up. We will be entering the High Street at the end where Marks & Spencers is and will be parking in the High Street. You will require a pass and if you haven't completed a form then you may be able to have a spare pass that we have been sent. However these are first come first served. If you haven't already received your pass and have filled out a form, these will be given out by Fran on the day.
I still have spare passes for alton if you want to come we are leaving WICKHAM SQUARE AT 9:00 AM PROMPT.
any one passing mine that cud pick me up please xxx
any one passing mine that cud pick me up please xxx
Yep sure can, what do you live? A chance for a ride in the loud red thing :) I'll be coming from Waterlooville, probably over the hill and can go down the A27, are you near Port Solent?