Almost Trashed the Trans-Am


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I know many of you will think well it was only time until it happened.
I was on my way to Pauls on new years day atound 7.30pm, on the M271. Slightly raining. Accelerating from the roundabout up to the motorway speed. One car behing, quote far behind.
Suddenly the back end wanted to go left, usually coming straight of the throttle it would snap back into being straight but it didn't, and the crash barrier was coming rapidly towards the front right corner of the car. Then before I knew it, a loud thump and scrape.
I got the car back under control and pulled over. Got out of the car to pick up any peiced that dropped off. thinking I must have lost the rear bumper, or door skin. The entire car was intact.
Got to Pauls house and saw only minor scrapes down the door and rear quarter. The wheels too the brunt of the force. It looks like i hut a curb rather than a crash barrier.

I pop on GoogleEarth today in hunt for where the curb is, as I dind't think there was a curb all along the motorway.

The only part i can find is a concrete block that joins the barrier to the ground. The lucky thing is, if i hit the barrier the whole side of the car would have been trashed and possibly spun round and in a ditch.
Oh my word, it doesnt matter about the car Dan, as long as you were ok, and people wont think only a matter of time, you know your limitaions and are a good driver, but I truly believe that piece of road has a major problem with it and I think the highways agency should be looking into it. As long as you are ok thats all that matters. As I said to Paul, cars can be replaced you lads cant ! Take care, and I mean that in the normal everyday sense of the word lol xx
That's that awful cheap road surface on that stretch of road. Terrible in the wet in anything.

Glad you're ok Dan

Apparently is a common route for tankers/lorries to get to Southampton docks. Its a slight left bend before, I wondered if they dropped some fliud. It seems to me my right wheels that lost traction more.
Earlier before i got there, I was smoking the tyres as I joined the motorway, I'm used to the back end loosing grip, almost daily. I have always got it back under control, but there must have been some oil on the road surface. So with it being wet and possibly a bit of deisel, then its very slippery. Apparently there is a couple of accidents there each week.
I may go past there again in the light and see if there is any red paint on the concrete block.
hi dan sorry to here about the car good that your ok take care
Could have turned out like this:-
Well, thanks goodness it didn't and that you were unhurt, that's the main thing.
Drive safe .... your guardian angel is with you always.