Added an Arcade Section.


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If you look below forum you have the floowinf menus.
New Posts, Private Messages, FAQ, Calender and then Arcade.

The arcade lets you play little games, the high scrores are saves so other forum members can try and beat them. Just a bit of fun to keep us coming back to the forum.
Splendid....... something else to waste some time on !! :)
No good, did give us something to do
I will be top of the leaderboard !!! lol
error mesgg

The administrator has disabled playing games for your usergroup.
Great another time waster that i will have to sit and play with as you know me Dan i do have a competitive streak!!!
Great section Dan, just got to work out why the forum signed me out during my game. Gutted as had a great score!!
Scrabble blast. Level 76 -22571 points, time I finished the game the forum had logged me out again!!
You may have to check your settings as you may have a timer on your log out. I can be logged in all day and still not get kicked out.
There is a timer on the forum set to 900 seconds. However this is to show other people that you are online or not. I've changed this timer from 15mins to 30mins. See if this makes any difference. Sorry about that.
Lorraine you shouldn't be too good at games then. lol, its your own fault.
A completely new arcade section has been installed. The one thing I dind't like about the old one, is it looked a mess. Needed tidying up. Although the arcare was written for a forum interface, it was made to work on many forums, so not talored for this particular forum. The new Arcade is.

Dont worry about your scores. I have imported all your old scores across. Also its ment to be better at saving scores.

Let me know if you have any problems. :)
The listing of all games is improved. With its icon nect to it and the champion of that game along with their score, and your top score on that game.

Then once you are in that game, it tells you the high score, and your best score. I think its a whole lot better now. :)
New game added. Its to do with Car Parking.
I'll add a game every week or so. :)

Have Fun.
More games have been added.
Due to them being more there are put into categories which is dead easy to navigate. Have fun with all these new things.
Over 100 games now on the forum. I havn't played them all. Some may be utter rubbish and not saving score. Those ones i will delete, if you come accross any, let me know.
Looks like there are many games not saving scores. I'm looking into this and posted on another forum to see if anyone else has come accross this.
Got to five posts only to see a message saying I need to be registered for at least 7 days *sigh* :(
Sorted, 5 posts is required, no minimum days now.
Dan can fix anything on here. He is a web genius. :)