A new vehicle has been created in the garage!

How long have you had that?
Have you sold the Capri?
hi dan , have had crown vic for a few months , not had chance to get down the club with it , capri is in scotland .....:mod:
Looks good in the photo. Does it drive well? is it still kitted out inside?
Looking forward to seeing it in person.
hi dan , its the best driving amercian car i have had , every thing works as it should lights ..ect , i will bring it to next club meet ...
nice car i see the push bars home made
hi mason, the push bar does look home made , but its a copy of an original bar that i found on the CHP website ...:mod:
hi mark lookin good . lookin at the reg i think i near;y brought that car 2 year ago from southsea but it wasnt a police car ????
You want some bars like this...