A new vehicle has been created in the garage!

Super, another Pontiac in the club. There isn't Many, Will has an 80's Firebird, and a GranPrix,. Pete has an older Pontiac. So there are very few of us. Welcome to the club, where abouts are you based? Its club night tonight at the Farmhouse off the Eastern road about 7pm onwards, feel free to pop along.
Hiya, we were down in Portsmouth at the weekend and took 'big red'.The Hindhead tunnel was great with the windows out.

Unfortunately we are back up in the East Midlands now but down in Portsmouth on a regular basis. We have been try to find out about your meets and cruises so that we could squeeze one in when we are down. Glad we have tracked down a source of information now.

Have a brilliant time tonight :)

Laney x