88 Silverado


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Joined here a while back, basically to find out what had happened to a certain Z28 my mate sold a while back. In the meantime have come into possession of a 1988 Chevy Silverado 1500, she's only a basic 2wd model but definately does what she needs to!! (Haul Harleys and make a noise)!!



To make her a little different from rest of the trucks out there, she was bought into the country brand new in 88, for it's original owner, none other than the ginger top himself, Mr Chris Evans!! Word has it she was on screen in his Big Breakfast days, this I cannot confirm!!
And which Z28 would that be then Krys ??? ;)

Love the front of your truck and look forward to seeing it when the camping eventually happens!!! It may actually come in handy on the day too :)
I love the front of my truck too!! And I'm sure U will find a use for her!!
Nice truck
Never really named her, although the neighbours had a few names!! She used to be known as "Rollin' Thunder"!! lol
I wonder what your neighbours were calling you then if its loud. I think my neighbours just turn their hearing aids down when they hear me coming.
After being sat around for a while, 'Rollin' Thunder' is now Motd, and ready to rule the streets again.
Change of plans, Rollin Thunder has now moved on to a new home to make way for something a bit more 'family orientated.
I wish you all the best in the future, and know your new owner will turn you into the monster that you really are!! :burnout:
It has been an honour and a pleasure being your owner for the past 20 months.:sad:
It will be looked after for sure and not too far away :)
and its parked outside my workshop keeping Bazza company. However no keys so i couldn't play yesterday!!!
yea i see it when i pick up the caprice