3rd Gen Firebird actually takes off.


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Firebird going at some speed, and has a horrific crash. Video taken from the dash cam of a police patrol car.

Mark, i don't think there will be an salvageable bits from this one. It could have been trying out the boost button.
He was going some when he took off.
wow thats nuts
Hey Mark,

Since when did you take up flying lessons and how did you repair your car so quick,lol. Mate that is a mad video! Renegades there is a lesson to be learned there, do not be texting your favourite Renegade or Renebabe whilst driving.

Looked like an episode of the Dukes of hazzard, Ye Hah!!

Cheers Supe's Just the good ol' boys never meaning no harm, fighting like a two modern day Robin Hood!! Ye Hah!!!
:oops: What the? How on earth could anyone survive that? It was lucky he didn't actually hit the oncoming traffic as there were more cars on that side it seems.
The launch control failed on take off.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, not its a Firebird..

should have been wearing lycra, would have flown better.
Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its scrap metal now :oops:

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