1992 Camaro RS

Think you mean a Mercedes???,,,Yes i did
What were the harlys like?,,,,,,No idea and not interested
Wonder if market is being effected by the living crisis?,,,,,,either that or its not a desirable car
Yours is budget project price not super car money ..... Budget price ?,,,,loads of social media replies of that's a cheap car/bargain.
You had lots of tyre kickers???.........indeed i have
Ben to any events to advertise it?....... No, its not legal and i don't think it would make much difference,, its been well put around social media/show links,,,
What about trying auction? Blackbushe if still going?? Shoreham car auctions? Don't know if any Hampshire way?? They might even give you a guild price as well?? Just a thought
Give this another go on here,,,as before £6000 with new mot


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