1992 Camaro RS


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My 1992 Camaro RS is up for sale. Believe to be a genuine 56K from new, I have owned this since 2015 and not done many miles. Its the 305 V8 TBi motor mated to a 5 speed transmission. Has the T/Top option, power window's/locks and will be sold with 12 Months mot.The Change in colour has been listed on the V5 and there will be some up to date picture's in the next few day's but here is a few to be getting on with.

PRICE £6000

Added fresh interior pics


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Looking good. GLWS👍👍
Might even prompt the chap in waterlooville to pull his finger out and get swmnbo car shorted out lol.🤣
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and 245 views on this forum as well
That is keen on a bank holiday. Good luck.
GLWS 👍👍👍
If potential buyer buys the car point new owner to forum and about posting 👍👍
Think that's just a polite excuse they new all that before coming to look at car if they wanted white car you don't go looking at a black car.
Onwards and upwards as they say put flyers out at any shows you go to with it. Take you tried gumtree. E. Bay. Facetube. Car and Classic. on here keep bumping thread 👍
Just an ideal as watching mathewsons ( bangers and cash) what about trying a auction??
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Just an ideal as watching mathewsons ( bangers and cash) what about trying a auction??
Nice idea but rather sell sooner than having to wait for such places to go through the backlog of collections before they get to mine...and yes its on social media and such like
Think you mean a Mercedes???
What were the harlys like?
Wonder if market is being effected by the living crisis?
Yours is budget project price not super car money .
You had lots of tyre kickers???
Ben to any events to advertise it?