1980 Dodge Day Van for Sale


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Dodge Ram Day Van, Vin plate 1980, Tax till November 2010, MOT till June 2011.
Engine reconditioned, Gearbox rebuilt with warranty 60,000 miles or 5 years, 5 New General Grabber Tyres, bodywork in good condition, clean inside.
? 1,800.00 ono view any time .

Contact Eddy 023 92256423

It's in Denmead near me. Only a six pot but drives nice, not many Dodge's around here!
Hi Eddy,
Is the dodge still available?
I'd be interested in seeing some pictures of the inside and some more of the outside.
Any problems I should know about?
When was the engine reconditioned? and the gearbox?
What's the mileage?
I'm looking to buy one of these in the next few weeks and this one looks nice!
Hi Jonathon

Last time I spoke to Eddy, he said he was thinking of keeping the van. Your best bet is to give him a ring, his number is on the first post here.