1973 Volkswagen 1200 Beetle TAX EXEMPT Needs restoration and a miracle

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Let me tell you a little story.......

Clarissa, (one day she will be) my wife, has a little obsession with Volkswagen Beetles and Campers, so for our anniversary I bought her a 1973 1200 Beetle in baby blue. Her name is Layla due to the number plate LAE ***L

Good points being:-

Engine replaced with a 1300cc unit
Front Floors replaced
Tax exempt as declared manufactured 1971

Bad points being:-

Needed bodywork tidying
Needed interior
No brakes!!

So I put it on the recovery truck and took it to my yard, unfortunately it hasn't moved in nearly 5 years now, so as it obviously isn't going to get done, we have decided to pass it on to someone who will, and use the cash towards getting a yank car.

I must warn you that the car is now in a very dire state, at some point the keys have been nicked out of the ignition, the floors have rotted through again due to the drivers window being left open. Tyres are perished and O/S ones are flat.

The asking price is ?500 or offers about. There are worse ones on Ebay for alot more.

I have the V5 registered to Clarissa, stating Tax Class as HISTORIC VEHICLE, that alone is worth a good price to the right person.

Will try to get some photos tomorrow.

Make me an offer, and give this car a loving home.
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