wickham square boxing day


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Hello all i want to ask early who's going to wickham this year and if we are meeting any were first
and what time :thumbup1:
I think many people are going to Romsey. I'm in two minds at the moment. I would go to Wickham straight from home and be parked up by 9am the earlier the better, parking spaces soon go.
Romsey as its a lot biger
Yeah if I was going anywhere it would be Romsey but boxing day usually recovering from too much food and drink. Of course this year there will be no drink!!! :(
Hope the weather is kind to you.
I keep hearing great things about Romsey and will definitely go one year. But from my house, Wickham is about 8 miles while Romsey is about 30! Not fair on a 4 year old wanting to play with new toys lol :doh:
Anyway, I have to get back to pick my Mum up in time for lunch.

Wherever you decide to go... be safe people :peace:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year folks!