Wickham Boxing Day / Romsey


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Boxing day is approaching. Wicham and Romsey on the same day.

Just wondered if people are going to one or the other or perhaps both. :)
We are hopefully going to Romsey unless it is raining then Im staying home with me bottle of wine, chocolates and a good film. xxx
And still tucking into the xmas dinner....
Romsey if not snowing ^^
I'am with Mother in whatever she is doing as i will be with her. If its raining, snowing, sleet, hail, hurricane,tsunami,cyclone or drizzle i am staying home!!
Provided it isn't pouring with rain, I will be going to Wickham. (I don't mind snow...that's fun !!)
Hi Renegades

I will be joining you at Romsey this year for a change, i am staying over that way for Christmas so its only just down the road. I am assuming you wil all meet at Rownhams services on the way and cruise in together.We can sort out a time to meet on Tues nite club nite and see the results of the voting poll.

Cheers Superb!
I'll be at Romsey for a while but not with the Stang. Gotta have a bit of Lunch before going off to the panto.
What part are you playing in the panto?
What part are you playing in the panto?

This one of course...........


just done that twice, a couple of days apart .... I think I am getting just too old!
Never too old Chris, It riles them that you percieve the web they weave, keep on feeling free and together we will stand on the threashold of a dream............

Load of all Wasname really, pisssed and too much Moody Blues just lately
Nice one chris, once I get this reality thing out of my head I will be fine!

Have a great Christmas and Its time to explore another car boot sale soon.
Sorry guys and girls, some family stuff has come up and so will not be able to make it to Romsey this year.

Have a good one and drive safe.
weather looked wet but not raining when i left. Im now in wicham, and its chucking it down at the moment, quite a few cars here already, still lots of spaces. Looks like the have laid on two refreshment pitches today. I parked next to a lotus 7 then a few mins later im surrounded by many of them. Perhaps i should move along so they can all be together.
weather brightend up here in wickham, blue sky coming out. Still spaces and cars still arriving. No traction engine yet or the fire engine. a good range of vehicles here.