What is the right age to buy your kid a car??


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This is a subject I have been thinking about recently as a friend of mine bought cars for his 2 sons at quite a young age, a mini for his then 8 year old, and a beetle for his then 6 year old, alot of people were very anti this idea saying the children were too young, and you'll never get them done. To be fair, they have still not been started, and it has been about 6 years!!

Anyway the reason I have been thinking bout this is I have heard a rumour of a 1967 Ford LTD parked up and possibly going for scrap, I couldn't possibly have it for myself, but I could however get it for Jamie (my son). But is 2 a bit young for a car?? I don't think so.....
I guess you don't have to have a driving licence to drive a car. So is it possible to have a 2 year old on the registration documents? lol. I think its a good idea, if you have someone safe to keep it, that isn't going to rot away before work can be started.

My granddad kept a MK1 cavalier for me until i could drive it, work worked on it for a couple of years before he gave it to me. Sadly it fell apart after a bit of driving. I should have tried to keep it going, but clutch brakes and exhaust all went within a few months of each other. you don't see many around these days.