What are we up to in our free time?


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Free time seems to be a thing of the past these days.
Many of us have ongoing projects. Restoration work on vehicles.

Just thought I'd create a thread to see what people are up to. :pop2:

I'm waiting for a date to move into a house. The house needs a lot of modernising. Painting, guttering etc... Will be fun to crack on and do it.
I've been working on website stuff in the evenings. Mainly a Camera website. It lists many products from various retailers, like Currys and Argos, and about 18 others. Over 3000 products, many of them the same from different suppliers. This is a good tool for comparing prices from various retailers. There is still much to do on the website. Its progressing well. So if you are looking for a digital camera, then feel free to try here, if you order it links to the supplier. http://www.cameras-4u.co.uk

Recently I've had this urgent circuit board design to complete for work, worked on it all weekend too, and still working on it now. Hopefully all done by tommorow. :)
free time whats that ???? lil vin keeps us on our toes
As you pretty much said, free time is a rare novelty these days ;)

The house fire in April has pretty much taken both husband’s and my time up as we live in someone else’s house (which we had to care for) and spent our evenings trying to sort out things that didn’t vaporize spectacularly into a black sludge on the walls and ceilings of the house.

Otherwise my time has been taken up by our dogs (I compete in Agility with our dogs) and my reptile collection (which usually takes up about half my day by itself). Neo is a closet herpetologist and genetic fiend.

Other than that? Enjoying the weather, haahaaa.