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A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the website host provider. Over all of my website I host there is a 20Gb limit. I know some providers supply more, but this have superb uptime and great support so I'll stick with it for now. Well a couple of weeks ago, the Renegades website grew to 16Gb. Some of this data, well around 2Gb, was for the database backup as it was being done daily. I have now changed this backup to weekly. I managed to escape charges on this as the reason I'm doing a database backup, is that they failed to restore the database from their backups.

Looking at some other folders, like images, from the original website, and video files. I have managed to trim down the storage a little. I'm getting there, down to about 8Gb, in total storage now. I noticed the Games are taking up 1.2Gb. So i will be removing some of the games.
I will need to decide what to do with the old photos. At the moment they can be viewed in the original gallery, 29,400 photos, some photos have small, medium and large files associated with them. It may be tempting to move these into the Gallery area of the forum. A lot of the original gallery is indexed in google, which is bringing in visitors. It may take a couple of months for the new pages to be indexed, and they wont rank as high due to the design. There isn't really much space saving doing this, so it may be tempting to run the old site gallery separately for now.

I will trundle though other directory's saving more space. :high5: