waterlooville classic motor show

Not sure who is going to this event, a lot of us are camping hun x
A lot of us are giving this a miss this year. I think Malc may be going for a couple of hours but you do have to pre book. If you haven't done so let me know and i can give you the contact details of the organiser. We will be camping plus several are going to festival of speed @ Goodwood
Me not going cos going to see the campers in afternoon, and got lots to do at home to get ready for club BBQ next weekend at my house.mow lawn. clean grill. sweep path. move scrap metal .polish shed. you know all the normal things.
I'm gonna be on holiday then. :glare:
hi every one, apart from the ones going camping, who is going to the waterlooville show as i dont want to be "billy no mates" there on my own:no:
Hey Mick

You might just win 'Best foreign car' like I did a couple of years back if your the only one there. I won't be going this year, see enough of Waterlooville as it is.