Watch out for Crypto Scammers


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About a year ago I got a phone call from soeone that called themselves 'Blockchain'. They said I am owed some money. Now I did do some crypto investing a couple of years ago, only a tiny amount, and I left it. So it is plausable that there could be fund form that floating about. They didn't call back, well not until months later. The amount had grown to around £1200. Didn't hear from tham again until last week. The pot has now grown to £2k.

So what they ask is so to get the funds into my account, they want Remote access to my compouter while Coinbase(Coinbase is like an online Cryto bank account). they must think I'm some fool to fall for that. No one should be doing that. I said I can email you my Bitcoin wallett address and you can send fund to that. (Knowing I only have £3 in Bitcoin, even if they could raid the wallett its no great loss). I said to that chap would you like me to remotely access your computer while you have your bank account open? He said., no but this is different.

Got them to send an email, so I could reply with my Bitcoin wallett address.

Notice they say they are from Blockchain, but their email address says otherwise,

I give them my wallett address.

So 10mins later I get this email.

I'm not clicking on any link from the email. No funds showing up in the Coinbase account. Notice the senders email address. still from

I get another call from them, asking, did I receive the funds. I replied no, but I got an email from yourselves pretending to be from Coinbase. They didn't like that, they assured me it was from Coinbase. Still seems too scam like. Okay I'll go along with it for a bit longer.

He said what I need to do next it to upgrade my Coinbase account to a Segwit wallet so I can receive the funds and to do this I need to move all my Alt-coins into BTC. Then send those funds to your new wallett address at the base of that email. I said you are having a laugh. You want me to send money to a wallett address I have no control of? How can I view this wallett? they assured me it is my wallett. I said I'm not going to do that. In the end he got very frustrated and hung up.

Coinbase have an anti-fraud email address to contact, so I sent them the emails, including headers so they can track the source.

Yesterday while up a ladder putting mesh around the solar panels on the roof. Get a call from the scammers once again. I told them I am not putting all my funds into an account and sending them to an address that isn't mine. I also said I am not near a computer anyway. He offered to call back in 4 hours.

During those 4 hours I get an email form Coinbase, saying any email address that isn't from is not from them. They have taken action with the info I have sent. There scammers website is no longer there, email server gone. Looks like Coinbase had some power and got them shut down.

The guy never phoned back. Probably looking for a new job. I'm sure the scammers will open up with another website. At least its made it a little difficult for them for now.

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Think how easy it is and are not as computer savy as you bloody scammer and with so many banks closing going yo make it easy as being forced to go on line


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Think how easy it is and are not as computer savy as you bloody scammer and with so many banks closing going yo make it easy as being forced to go on line
Yes totally agree, they did sound very convincing. Some people may comply with their requests and take everything they own in cryoto assets.