vehicle rally

Crazy Pete

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i have been asked if we would like to attend a car show at the IBM/Lakeside north harbour field in aid of rowans hospice/portsmouth scouts on 13th may
entry forms and more info to or contact by phone 02392 382682 this is a new show and maybe help raise some money for them...................or go to the web site Portsmouth Scouts - Scouting, Since 1907 look in calender at 13th may entry forms are there,,,,,,,,

maybe worth a day out and its local..............:drum:
I'll pop it on the Calender, It is the same day as Hayling Reunion.
yes it does clash but gives people the option for 2 or 3 shows,,,,, maybe the brickworks event we can do in sept,,,, but i shall be going to hayling......:usa2:
Hmm we will be at Hayling too but always good to have a choice.