Upgrading to new revision of forum 4.0.0


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The forum will be offline at 10pm for a short time, hopefully only 10mins or so if all goes well.
Will try agaiin tommorow. It having problems uploading the updated files.
Attempting to upgrade the forum again. Shouldn't take too long. Fingers crossed.....
Well the upgrade wasn't trouble free. Still going to test a few things to make sure all is working.
I had to fiddle with database structures to get the upgrade to work. Been pulling my hair out again. Not bald patches yet that I know of.
YAY, the final upgrade earlier all went well. Only a few minor changes to functionality that we may not ever use.
The forum was a little slower than earlier revision due to the amount of features it has. This morning I installed a plagin that someone has written which optimises some parts making it a little faster. Seems to be working well.
Seems OK now, it was messing me about earlier, good work again Dan.
Yeah seems to work so much faster now. Well done Dan