Upgrading forum from 4.2.0 to 4.2.0 Patch Level 1


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Uploading the files at present 11:50am, should be done in the next 20mins. Then the update will be run. So by 12:40 pm it should all be done. No major changes, just the way the 'Whats New?' works, and a few other things.

VBIV-15129 - Typo in AdminCP help text
VBIV-15127 - Phrase associated with the wrong product
VBIV-15126 - Typos in an error message
VBIV-15122 - Hardcoded "Recent" and "Popular" in activity stream Filter menu
VBIV-15119 - process_navigation_links hook listed as process_navigation_links_complete in plugin manager
VBIV-15106 - activitystream_home_beforefetch hook not listed in plugin manager hook options
VBIV-15102 - Activity stream fail when Forum Component URL is set
VBIV-14931 - Update readme.txt
Patch applied successfully :dance: