Upgrade to 4.1.9


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Between 9.30am and 10am the forum will be brought up to date with the latest forum code.

This latest release contains a number of enhancements and fixes that will allow you and your members to experience increased performance and stability, the most notable of which is an upgrade to jQuery Mobile 1.0.

JQuery Mobile is an elegant HTML5-based user interface library designed to work on all popular mobile platforms, and is the framework used for our mobile style. We thank you for continuing to help us make our software better and better.

Another point of value for the 4.1.9 release is our premium mobile style. It is a no-cost addition to the vBulletin Mobile Suite (for current suite owners) and contains fully customizable iPhone and Android Apps. It brings additional functionality that ranges from thread options to advanced CMS moderation and multi-quote reply.

Most importantly, the premium mobile style gives me the ability to moderate your forum from my phone.
Upgrade complete, that seemed to go rather well.
We wont see many changes on a PC, most of the features were for the phone.