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Bloody hell hell hasn't winter flown by.

I've hardly had any time to do anything. Seriously though I've had a fantastic break over the weekend for my birthday in Amsterdam. Things are really moving now I've finished the wiring so I've got all the lights working. I had the car outside in the sun before I went away and drove it back in the workshop. All the new windows are now made, I've made a new slam panel to try and divert the air flow through the radiators. Today I've sent in my entries for the Santa Pod rounds along with my memberships. Tomorrow I should have my new damper for the front of the engine (Thank you Dave Performance Unlimited) I should also have the new crew shirts and jackets along with all new Dzus fasteners for the front. Sunday will see the last remaining bits put into colour. I will also taxing the car at the weekend. I better get my nitrous system in the post for its upgrades to Trev (Wizard of Nos) Hopefully testing in 2 weeks weather dependant.
Sounds good! Cant wait to see it down the strip. Is it ok if i come testing with you?