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saleen 192

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I was chating to a chap at work who's into his bikes and was saying that thorny island used to have a drag strip that you could test you bike/cars on .
is that true and if so dose it still operate???
Yes that true. There was a show there once a year organised by the Victory Wheelers, they got in the timing stuff to make the run way a drag strip. It was great. Sadly they stopped doing the show due to the MOD putting up the rent of the site.
Now a club called ModifiedMadness put on an event17th September, not quite the same, but it does have the drag strip. it would be nice to show the American muscle against some of these. I know Tony in the Ford Capri that been tubbed out, and fitted with a 7.6litre engine running twin turbo's went last year. I believe he was the fastest there, can think why. :shifty:
Used to be the best show for miles, camping over from the friday evening, great fun, oh the good old days eh Dan lol xxxx
Yep the good old days. Many of the Renegades all camped together, it was such a great laugh, many great cars, entertainment on site. Now you have to go for miles to get that sort of event and not as many renegades in one place as its further away.
I have many happy memories of Thorney.
Found some photos too.
Thanks for feed back any body going this year? is it worth taking the car is it rwab or just for die hard people ?
what about haveing a chat with victory wheelers solent renagedes and mocgb and do a day for us??? as you say santa pod or shakey are a long drive away
just watched the video on there web page looks very much like a max power event ????