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Gotta say BIG thanks to Trace & H, Jan & Steve, Sue & Pete for a fantastic few days, It really was great to feel so welcome. I'm looking forwards to bringing Alison down with me next time!
(don't quite know where all this mayo is coming from, I keep finding it all over the place!!)
Luv ya lots..
hey mate was good to have you altho the farmhouse has run out of mayo ? sue said it was a little leaving pressy lol
catch up soon mate
Hey Panda, really miss you, it was great to see you and look forward to seeing you and Alison again soon. What do you do for an encore then thats what we want to know, take care, till next time , love to Alison xxxx
Hey Geoff. You are most welcome and you know we will always have room for you & Alison to come and stay should you ever need to. Glad you got home safe and say a big hi to Mrs Warbird.

P.s. I had nothing to do with the mayo but make sure you get the one in your jacket pocket before you sit down or it could be an:oops: moment!!