Team Gridlock


Club co ordinator
I would just like to say a huge Congratulations and a pat on the back to Team Gridlock, Adam, Dex, Paul (Paul's Place) etc. on the fantastic results they got this weekend @ Santa Pod.

10.91 @ 122mph
10.89 @ 123mph
10.89 @ ?

I was very sad to not to have been there this weekend with you guys but i was keeping note on what you were up to on Eurodragster (Thanks Val) and the a big thanks for the numerous text messages.

See you all soon :clap:
That's some good numbers there.
Hi Renegades,

I was talking to Adam at our show, and Team Gridlock are currently sat third in the championship with two rounds to go. Mathematically they have a chance of winning if they do well over the next two9 rounds.

Renegades please join me and give your support to Adam,Dexter and Val who are Team Gridlock with a good chance of winning the championship.

Cheers Supe's Its always sunny on my planet!