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Just thought I would let you know that Steve went to hospital this morning and we were told that the tumour on his voicebox has gone, it is still red and sore, but the radiotherapy has worked yeah!!!! He has to go for checkups every 6 weeks but that is a small price to pay. Thankyou all for your thoughtfulness and kind words you have shown us over the past few months, it has been a trying time for all of our family, but hopefully we can, slowly, get back to normal. Bring on the summer, lets all enjoy it and have some fun. Take good care renegades and thankyou all once again, you are all very special people in our lives xxx:clap:
Brilliant news, sounds like the worst of it is over.
I'm so pleased for you, what a weight of your minds.
Well done Steve, staying strong throughout and trying to live life as normally as you could with your families love and continued support behind you.
Sleep better tonight.
Another celebrationary cake i feel ! Think of the ' scrapes ' Trace mmm
excellent well done steve glad your through that . heres to a cracking summer ... xx
Steve....I second all the above comments..its fantastic new's and made my day.

Brilliant! Steve... See you soon... best wishes, Mark
Brilliant News
Way to go Steve! Great news, we have been thinking about you both.

Best Wishes,

Ade,Julie and Boys
That's the best news all year! :clap2: :party: :whoo: