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The Portsmouth / Southsea Cruise is a get together of American and classic cars in the car park opposite Clarence Pier (near the Ilse of Wight Hovercraft). We stand around having a chat and looking at what cars have turned up this month.

The Southsea Cruise is a moving car show of classic and American cars that cruise around Portsmouth. At 7pm we go for a drive along Southsea seafront, up to The Hard and around Old Portsmouth. This has been going for many years. The cruise takes around 45mins. Its a regular Southsea event on the 3rd Sunday of every summer month.

Since mid 2006 the Solent Renegades are the organisers of the Portsmouth / Southsea Cruise, also known as the Pompey Cruise.

Every 3rd Sunday of each Summer month the cruise will congregate in the public car park opposite Clarence pier, near the hovercraft terminal at around 6pm onwards. The cruise will start around 7pm. Apart from the first an last cruise which is cruise around 5pm

There are many CCTV cameras along the route so please take care and in the interest of safety please no Burnouts. Too much reckless driving and the event could be stopped.

The Southsea cruise has also been called the 'Pomey Cruise' and 'Southsea Car Rally'




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