Some pictures.......


I'll upload more as I go along... I can't wait to spend some serious time on the cars with some good weather to boot :)

Nice cars people....


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I like the crushed bugs in the radiator.... :death:


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nice photos. At guildford at the moment, may still make it to club night.

Looking forward to seeing more phots, they look very professional.
I need more time and more cars to get more photo's :)


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Hi Mark

Great pictures :). I am sure some of us could meet you half way in the New Forest sometime for more pics on a nice day. Might even clean mine :eeek:.
Hi Chris,

Thanks again for your time last week, I am just about to email you the portrait of you and the garage... Your car is very photogenic and I'd love to shoot some more of it. If you want any of the shots u see in high res then let me know and I'll email them. Otherwise I'll just make a cd for when I see you next...

I'm going to try and get to Paul's garage on Sat morning and encourage a few others, as I'd like to get a particular shot of each driver in their car, individually. Like this shot of my brother... This doesn't necessarily need to be done at Paul's but it might be easy if some people already meet there?


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il be at Paul's garage satday cars haveing some work done hopeing she be fix to get to some shows and meets
I reckon if the weathers ok then that would be a good place to meet however some of us are going up to Ace's Cafe on Saturday afternoon (2pm meet @ Morrisons Horndean) so maybe that would be a good opportunity for you to take loads of pics too.

I've had a look at that Aces Cafe, looks like quite a good session and great venue.

I'll have to see what my car is doing, I replaced a stupidly expensive valve yesterday which should have sorted out the car but I'm past the point of trusting it. Shall drive it as much as I can today and see if it plays up, Fingers crossed :)