Snow White update4


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So so close

We didn't quite make the MOT but we did have it ready. Long story short. After a bit of long hard slog to get everything ready I phoned Graham(Snow Whites part owner) to let him know we were ready but unfortunately they couldn't fit it in today,GUTTED.

So we used the extra time to tidy up a few little jobs today along with fitting the sliding window kits for both windows. It also gave us time to do things like put screenwash in the washer bottle make new brackets for the exhaust caps. Cut an polish the bonnet scoop which always looked dirty. Max popped in tonight to have a look over what we had done, I think/hope he left a happy man as i had achieved what I had promised him just a shame (good for them)they were so busy at work to take it in for its MOT.

The plan now is to do it during the week and debut it at goodwood breakfast club on Sunday

Good luck