Snow on the car


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Looked out the window yesterday morning and the car was pretty much hidden inder the snow. Had to go out, the road was pretty icy and on a slight hill too. Had to line myself up ready to slide down the road. All went well.
All sounds like good fun to me Dan! :D I'm afraid i'm a big kid at heart and love driving in snow!

I'll tell you what though...don't under estimate how cold it is at the moment and make sure your car is topped up with anti-freeze. (All Renegades beware!). I started the Mini yesterday morning and there was a loud squealing and smoke poured from under the bonnet! The water pump had frozen and was seized! The pipes which go to the heater matrix were solid too!
Stupidly, I had'nt put anti-freeze in it since getting it back on the road in the summer. Fortunately, I managed to thaw it all out and have now put some in. No harm done...phew!!

The Firebird has some in already and is fine luckily. I took it for a quick blast up to the viewpoint and back last it!! :cool:
Dont do white fluffy stuff, and dont like driving in it, the sliding is not a problem , I dont even mind the not being able to stop millarky, its the distraction of watching the pretty shapes the snowflakes make on the windscreen that IS the problem. !!Drive carefully Renegades, top up the anti freeze and keep safe xx:001_07:
Well since the snow fell H has been stressing about poor Bazza getting cold - Purleaaaasssee!!!!. Funny thing is though he now has Mum stressing about him being covered in snow and she is out there shovelling it off. Filled him, Colin & Polly all up with anti freeze yesterday and so all chilled out now!! Drive carefully Renegades and Renebabes as the roads are icy. Don't want any nasty accidents out there do we.