Shame I didn't see this earlier

Thats the problem with these cars at the moment as they are going cheap as chips which is why i keep hesitating putting Lenny up for sale. Transmission is quite a common problem on these too however we did sort out ours when we got it.
Good one Malc, worse thing is the guy told me he had an 'old v6 yank' with a knackered box, and I said I wasn't really interested at the time. I know the winning bidder didn't buy it, think it went for peanuts in the end..
I suspect the car went for less than the wheels were worth as I know Pete paid quite a bit for them, really hope whoever bought her will look after her !!!!!
We all know whose car it was but wasn't used as it should.
I think appreciated is more to the point, in more ways than one !!x
Kinda glad I didn't buy it now, took one for a test drive this morning, and could only just get behind the wheel. Thought these cars were designed for fat yanks??
Cheeky git lol !!! I got one and I aint Yank, maybe on the podgy side but defo not fat, nor are you lol xx
I was implying they should have loads of room as the average american is a little bigger than the people on this island..
I didnt think the people on Hayling Island are any bigger than anywhere else in the uk !! lol Ok I will stop winding you up Krys, and anyway I think Black magic suits you, take care hun, have fun at the auto jumble tomorrow and I hope you make lots of pennies xx
I seem to remember doing a pair of Headrest covers for that car!!!!!!!! (wonder wot happend to them??)