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Hi Shakespeare here. Thank you for allowing me to joining your forum. I would just like to introduce myself as an avid motor sport fan which over the years has led me to becoming a full time manager of a drag racing strip. You may have come a cross us; Shakespeare County Raceway situated near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

In the last few years we?ve seen quite a lot of fast and extremely quick and loud modified?s, hot rods, American Yanks and custom cars on the property all trying to out do each other. Our most popular events in the season are the Hot Rod Drags, Nostalgia Nationals and Yanks Weekend.

Although I couldn?t find any forum rules, as well as out of courtesy, if its okay with you guys I would like to tell you a little bit more about our Public Track Day and Run What You Brung experience weekends and how your club members can get involved. Perhaps we could place something in the Events threads? Looking forward to hopefully working with you guys and meeting some of your club members at the raceway. Hear from you soon and thank you for your time.

Merry Christmas

Yes feel free to post more about whats going on at Shakespeare. There is certainly a couple of us who want to go head to head on the track. (Myself and Paul in the '78 Supercharged 383 Camaro)
Oh yes we know you only too well Shakespeare. Had a fantastic weekend at yours for Gary's picnic earlier in the year and will no doubt be seeing more of you with the wonderful Team Gridlock/Wild Bunch next year. By all means let us know whats happening and we can add o our calendar too.

Welcome to the Renegades forum :)
welcome to the forum
hi shaky characters well you met me and paul, PAULS-PLACE at shaky this year we crew with dex and adam now WB3!!!!! bugger ya found us lol now theres no hiding from you lot, well we will be seeing you all in new season to create havoc again, welcome to the site guys, so do you sit up in the tower chattin amongst yaselves until the next meet lol. catch up soon
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