Server Upgrade


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The server is a VPS Profesional, has 120Gb of HDD space, 4GB of RAM, 4Core CPU.
We keep coming to the HDD limit, using around 80 GB of website storage. some is used for the operating system, some is swap file area, SQL databases.
Things like Elastic search is havng some issues right now, and I get some SQL warnings.
So could really do with extra hard drive space. This isn't available to be upgraded, I need to go for a larger package, the VPS Enterprise package. This has 240Gb of hard drive space, which is plenty. Also has a better CPU and double the RAM which we dont really need.
This website alone uses over 50Gb due to all the photos.

The upgrade will happen at 6pm this evening, and should take 15-30mins.
Shame no one uses the forum anymore like they used to too notice the upgrades , lol😀😀😀😀
Upgrade appears to have worked. Not logged into the server yet, will do that this morning.
No warnings on the server now, no low space or sql memory usage issues.
Websites and emails appear to be working. So all looking like a success so far.
Speedtest has some nice results.