Scam on ebay me thinks


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I was having a bid on this earlier 1:18 jada chevrolet astro van DUB | eBay this is the new listing details... the old listing same seller and info was due to finish tomorrow morning at 08:33 and the postage was ?14.99. I get home at 23.20 and check in to see if I had been out bid to find that my bid had been canceled by seller as Item no longer available fine think but then did a bit more investagation to find out why my bid had been canceled and find that its relisted by same seller same info but the postage charge has changed to IMHO a rather excessive price of ?29.99 WTF So being a little peeved off I have reported it to ebay :amen: (Be bloody cheaper to take my van there to collect in person if I was going to bid on it again and win it......BUT I am not he can get :censored: stuffed)