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andy restall

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hello everyone on here ,i am looking for a volvo called dubbelhavan its made into a pick up and had 6wheels made by my father (john restall) who has built loads of hot rod ,custom cars and muscle cars he also built john cross,s black rose ford pop and paul tickners the beast ford pop then later building are 1977 chevy impala poilce car from portsmouth .............. so just saying hi if anyone know these cars or my father
Hi Andy, yes I know John and Paul and the cars, long way back to the very early Victory Wheelers, Paul was vice chairman in those days, Phil Chappell being the very first chairman. Probably know your dad if he was a wheeler, good to see some of the original rodders names mentioned on here.
:cool3:Hi Andy that volvo was owned by a D.J. called Mark i think he dj under the name of fragle rock
it was all way round southsea by the stage door club