santa pod 1st time for me

saleen 192

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went to santa pod today had a realy good day screwed up gear changes two many time but did manage to beat simon with the roush mustang . that was proberly my best run of the day managed 6 runs queing took time in pit lane, but hay saleen vs roush 1-0 HAPPY

Santa Pod 30.6.12. - YouTube
Awesome stuff. Video looks great. In all the years I've been to the pod I Havnt taken my car down there. I really want to though. Was it a good buzz for you?
Well worth doing very enjoyable , as you say what a BUZZ go with a few mates mine and simon car were closely match in power rating so was a good run even when you race other people just as much of a buzz apart from screwing bloody gear change up all the time even worse against the 5lt mustang just had to knock it into neutral to pass the line slow down to knockl it back into gear. but next ?
well done mate keep going at it,, all you need now is a line lock a pair of slicks and away ya go better time better grip awesome,,,,,,
Then you fit the parachute & jet engine woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!