Sale: Chevrolet Astro Starcraft w/ LPG


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Hi All,

I have decided to part ways with my Astro:
It's a great vehicle but since "acquiring" two new sons I find I don't get as much time to play with it as I'd like. I think it went out for a total of 3 adventures in the last year which isn't nearly enough.

Full disclosure, it had a bit of a shunt a couple of years ago. Their insurance payed out for the repairs, so the passenger and sliding doors are from another van.
The Good: As most of the work was done in-house there was a surplus of funds which were used to rennovate the suspension, steering etc.
Shortly after purchase, I removed the gearbox and sent this away for reconditioning, and I have had her converted to run on LPG.

The Bad: She was recently broken into - I have since replaced the broken window, but the wooden panels inside were removed and some broken. The leather is a little scruffy and the rear seat doesnt move (I don't hear any motors attempting to run so think this is electrical rather than mechanical)
She has what I've heard referred to as "California Sunburn" - the paint is peeling on the bonnet and roof. The stripe on the new doner doors doesn't quite match and one of the mirrors is black, the other is body-coloured.

TLDR - Mechanically she's in great condition, but cosmetically and internally she needs some work. Would make a great project for someone who wants to work on aesthetics without worrying about doing the technical bits first)


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Good luck with your sale. Always great to see a honest description. Looks like a great van.