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Just found out that Rockingham Raceway has gone.
Apparently closed it’s doors in 2018 for the last time.
Sad, very sad.


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It's a shame places like this have to close. I guess if they can't get numbers in the door then it can't keep going.
Didn't even know there was an oval banked track in the UK. I wonder if it was the only one?

saleen 192

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yes shame its gone shame it did get more advertizing as lot of people didnt know about it,


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Yes, shame. Did an event there where one i did a parade lap with one of the Ascar drivers hanging out the t-top for his adoring fans.
The exhaust appreciation tunnel was fun!


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I never went there but always fancied seeing what it was like. Shame.
I wonder how often it hosted events compared to other UK national circuits? I'm sure Covid hasn't helped but maybe it wasn't paying for itself.