Renegades summer show 2010


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Hi All

Saw on the local news today that Fort Nelson is just starting a major refurbishment. Will it be finished in time for our show? I know it's a long way off but might need some consideration.
I have just looked on Nelson website and they reckon they will not be closing at all during renovations but it might be an idea for Soups to contact them. I for one dont fancy dodging bulldozers and cement mixers whilst showing my car. take care xx:eek:
Hi Renegades i have contacted Carla at Fort Nelson re: our summer show and am awaiting Carla to contact me,hopefully this will not present a problem.When i spoke to them after our show this year there was no mention of a refurb so hopefully we will be unaffected but will ask the question all the same.I have asked for them to change the date to the 22nd August instead
of the 15th August so as not to clash with the PKW show and we will get more people to our show.I hope this doesnt present a problem for any of our members.

Cheers Superb!