Renegades Show's and Cruises September 2010.


Hi Renegades,

Just a quick update on whats coming up in the next month,

Sun 5th Sept - Can Am show,three legged cross near Ringwood.Depart from Rownhams services at 9amish!

Sun 12th Sept - Renegades cruise to Arundel. This will be a great day out, i have arranged for us to park our cars in the grounds of the castle and am awaiting confirmation of a reduced entry fee into the castle for large groups.
I have also arranged for us to have exclusive use of the boating lake at an alotted time to be confirmed on the day.They have approx 18 boats of different sizes and we can have approx 40 Renegades out on the lake at the same time.We have the option to wander around the many antique shops in Arundel which are Superb!
Finishing the Day at around 4-5pm at the Black Rabbit pub situated alongside the river and i have reserved approx 6 -7 tables for us to all sit together outside right by the river.

Sat 18th Sept - Renegades end of season show.

We will be holding our end of season show again after the success of last year we are holding an all day event this year.See our show flyers for details.

Sun 19th Sept - Hot Rod Drags - Shakespeare County Raceway,Stratford-Upon-Avon. Nostalgic Drag racing.

Sun 19th Sept - Southsea Cruise,meet from 6pm and cruise at 7pm.

Sat 25th Sept - Alton Show, Leave Wickham Square at 9amish and reach Alton by 9.45-10am.

Sun 17th Oct - Last Southsea Cruise of the show season.Meet at 6pm and cruise at 7pm.

October - sometime during this month we will organise a Renegade bowling nite,loud shirt nite!

Sun 21st November - Renegade Breakfast run to Bayside Cafe,Stokes Bay.

Sat 22th Dec - Renegades Christmas Party at The Farmhouse 7pm - 7.30pm.Menu's availabe nearer the time.

That Renegades pretty much sums up the remainder of our show season for this year.What i have planned for next year,means we will be far busier than this year.

Just too wet your appetite how doe's 5 major shows sound and thats just for starters.Watch this space!

Cheers Supe's
Just like to add, New Years at My House!!!!!
Thanks for the update Steve. Its good to refresh the memory every now and then. However there is just one date wrong and that is the Christmas bash @ the Farmhouse. 22nd Dec is Mum's birthday which happens to be a Wednesday. 25th is Sat and also Christmas Day. I have spoken to a couple of people and they cannot make the 18th which is the Saturday before so maybe it would be a good idea to have a chat about this at a club meet to fully discuss and go with the majority perhaps. Unfortunately it is another busy time of the year and it seems we all have so much to do all the time these days.

Alan i am loving the idea of being at your house for New Years. We generally take it in turns to hold a party and were at Pete & Sue's last year. I would like cocktails & Karaoke if thats not too much to ask for haha!! Only joking :)
Trust me I had over 80 people last year so a few renegades and babes wont make much difference!!!!
I did speak to steve about Xmas and he said the 11th dec. probably just a typing error or too much pepsi max !! New Year sounds good though thanks for the invite !!
What sort of time are we going to have to head of for the arundel trip?
I think we will have a chat tonight about it however i am not sure i will be going as i am doggy sitting for Mum & Dad while they are in Spain. I may have to come on my own or H will. Will decide nearer the time.
bring the dog
There are 2 and i don't think they are allowed in the castle plus do you really think i would let them in Lenny!!?? It was bad enough H had a ciggy in him when we were stuck on the M25 on Friday. However i may have to see if Dad has left the keys to Polly and H can drive that i guess. We will see what happens anyways cos i really would like to go.
Bugger thats me totally out then. Whats the point of no piccies!!! i don't know. If i come on my own i can bring Lenny or maybe even Bazza as i have my own set of keys hehe!!!
How funny!! I would pay money to see that!!