Renegades Breakfast Run Sun 15th.


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Meeting on Portsdown hill (micks burger van) ready to leave there at 9.30am. Cruising to Hayling Island
Fingers crossed for good weather. :clover:
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Hi Renegades as Mummyjan has already mentioned there is a half marathon event on at stokes bay on sunday so we will venture down to Zoe's cafe on Hayling Island instead.We will still meet up the hill at the same time to leave at 9.30am,just means we are cruising to a different location.Remember to give Zoe some stick cause she will be serving us,Superrrrrrrb!!! The sun always shines on the Renegades so see you all Sunday.

Tally Ho Chocks Away!!!

As long as they have hot coffee, scrambled eggs and service with a smile then i am happy to go anywhere!! (remember the smile Zoe!!:winkiss:)

Lets hope the rain stays away !!
If Nigel, Sharon and Roger are on brekkie run can someone ask them to contact me re Xmas dinner at The Prince of Wales please as I don't seem to be able to get hold of them.

Weather looks pants tomorrow morning :thumbdown:. However, forecasts can be wrong :eek:.
Weather was surprisingly good int he end. Looks out the window at 6.30am, and was loads of rain and heavy winds, so went back to bed. Woke up at 8am and looked out again, rain had stopped, wind had gone, and sun was trying to come out. So I gave it ago, was loads of us up the hill.
Cruise was great, Malc was leading. Its always good to see a convoy of american cars and old english cars behind and in front.
Service was good at the dinner, Zoe kept it all under control. Rained a little while we were int he dinner but brightend up agai when we left, could feel the heat of the sun on my back through the club jacket.

Looking forward to the next one. :thumbup:

Thanks to everyone who took part. :)
Good turn out today, keeping this short as having trouble with new format and NO Jack and Jim are not trying to help.
Sorry we couldn't make it yesterday but had quite a heavy one Sat night plus i am still unpacking. See you all soon :)
Hi Renegdaes thanks to everyone who turned out to support our first breakfast run,as Dan said a damn good turnout and Zoe did us proud keeping the food coming and making sure everyone was well sorted.Well done Zoe and the staff of Delia's Diner a big thanks from the Renegades,roll on the next one in January hope the weather is kind to us like on Sunday.

Tally Ho, Chocks Away!!