Popeye crashes his boat


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Oops! No breakaway cable on that then! :LOL:
Nowt to do with speed or braking, it shouldn't have been able to become separated from the car.
Of all the things for it to hit though! :ROFLMAO:


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Either that or the guy in the big boat is a vegan!
Watched without sound (in the office today) but was this perhaps a Greenpeace attack against fishing?
Maybe!! :ROFLMAO:
Apparently it was an elderly guy in the bigger boat who wasn't paying attention at the helm while on his mobile phone. The guys in the anchored fishing boat took him to court and even though his own son testified against him saying that he had frequently warned him about it before, he was still contesting liability!! I don't know what the outcome was.
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That propeller could have caused some damage to someone, it mangled the boat well.


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I found the case. The guy in the big boat claimed he couldn't see because he was sitting down!! :oops::LOL:. Still couldn't find what the outcome was.