poetry corner a no swearing zone

landy bob

a few poems to sooth away a ??????g ???t of a day

There was a man a dirty old man the name of Arthur Moses,
He had a ????k 10 inches thick and ????s as red as roses,
He married Jean the gypsy queen with ???s as black as charcoal,
And he ?????d her till her ???? went green and sparks shot out her ???e hole.:couch2:

there once was a man called Eane, he invented a w?????g machine.
Upon the 13th stroke, the b?????d broke, and whipped his ??ll???s to cream
And on today's poetry reading 2 poems I found written on a sh?t house wall in a Basingstoke pub

There once was a man called Banner, who would play any ruse for a tanner.
His favourite trick, was to stand on his ?r??/, and undo his nuts with a spanner.

There was a young lady from Leeds, who ate a packet of seeds.
Within 1/2 an hour her !??$ were in flower, but her a??e was covered in weeds
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It was on the good ship Venus, by christ you should have seen us.
The figure head was of a whore in bed. With a mouth full of the captains pe??s

The captain of this slugger. He was a lazy bu??er. He wasn't fit to shovel s??t from one place to another.
I think you need another drink or is that you had to many with poems like that???:whistle:
Hmm do you think these are suitable for a public forum about cars???? Funny as they are.
Oh very much so, i could write about the cars and vans i've owned and restored but that's a bit boring. I'd much rather attempt to bring a little happiness during these testing times of financial difficulty. if any one is offended by any material i choose to post i am only too happy to remove the items. it is not my desire to cause offence or upset. thank you R.A.Dawson